Story of us and Liber Multitools.

I am Ahmet Vural, one of the founders of Chagan technology (formerly AVI Labs). I have been working for the Ministry of National Education for more than 14 years and I have been working with a great effort to educate both children and young people. I teach basic electronics, programming languages and coding. I wrote and published books on programming resources. Now, I am 39 years old and I have two kids but I want to admit that I still love comics, anime, video games, interesting gadgets and books especially sci-fi. I think that makes me some kind of nerd and geek. And my dear wife Naime is a talented textile designer who helped me most with this design project

And at the same time, I try to design innovative gadgets in our small design studio. I love designing and making something innovative. I am an active member of makers community in my city.

I've always loved reading books and dreaming. I remember having spent hours daydreaming with a paper ship model under a blanket after reading Jules Verne's novel "Two Years’ Vacation" for the first time when I was a little kid.

For this reason, the idea of Liber Multitools comes from my desire for reading. I was using wood or 3d printed ABS thumb rings/page holders while I was reading. I started thinking to design something new on a page holder, a multifunctional tool for me, a maker, a book lover and a geek. I started to design and created posts on EDC and Multitools subreddit at reddit to share the idea. To be honest, I was afraid of negative comments and reactions but on the contrary, I got some nice suggestions and support. I refined the designs with the aid of fellow redditers. The main idea of reading multitools transformed into a design project to create tools, toys, and gadgets for us after two months from the start.

After a couple months, I designed two multitools, a fancy magnifier, a desktop orrery toy and a carabiner in the scope of Liber Multitools project. You can follow Liber tools' adventure from Liber Multittols Web. I am spending most of my free time to finish "Sol" nowadays. "Sol" is a kinetic desk toy with a lot of gears inside, also it is an orrery to simulating our solar system.

You can find links and info about our little design studio below. Thank you for checking out Liber Multitools!


About Chagan Techs.

We are a small design, software, hardware development company and bunch of talented designers, coders, engineers from Atlanta, Gaziantep and Palo Alto.

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